Monday, February 17, 2014

January Stash Bee Blocks

I was the queen bee for Hive 12 of Stash Bee in January. This is my first time in Stash Bee, but I'd seen other great work come from this bee so I was excited to participate.

When I was trying to decide what block I wanted my bee mates to make, I decided to try to stick to a New Year's resolution (it was still January, after all) and try to finish a work in progress. One that came to mind were the Sugar Blocks I'd started last year. Even though I'd only finished half of the blocks I knew I wanted some additional blocks to fill the quilt out.

I'd just purchased Vintage Quilt Revival and saw the sampler quilt that Faith did with her blocks from the book. She had this good idea of adding small alternate blocks with a lot of sashing to add additional negative space. Since my blocks were pretty bold, I thought this sounded like a great alternative to additional traditional blocks. Also, it would be an easy transition into the year with some fairly simple paper piecing.

Here is the block I asked my bee mates to make. I made the paper piecing template in EQ7.

All of my blocks were sent in a timely manner (a big plus in my book!) and some people even sent a couple! Also, I used the opportunity to push myself to finish the other six Sugar Blocks. I still need to sash the Sugar Blocks to make them 15 inches, but here's a sense of what the quilt top will look like with the Sugar Blocks and alternate blocks.

This is a very out of type quilt for me in terms of color and all solids, but I do love the impact!

Thanks again ladies of Hive 12!


  1. Oh it's gorgeous and well done for designing your own block - super impressed!

  2. What a great idea to combine the two bees! What a beautiful quilt you will have!

  3. I love how this quilt is looking so far! I'm glad I was able to help in a small way. Beautiful!

  4. oh, this turned out so beautifully. i love the mini "filler' block you chose.


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