Sunday, June 30, 2013

Let's Get Acquainted!

Hi everyone, and welcome to "Let's Get Acquainted" for this week!

Before we begin, let me start with a quick PSA. Blogger is gone as of tomorrow! If you haven't found an alternative way to follow blogs (Bloglovin', Feedly, email, etc.) DO IT NOW. How upset would you be if you woke up tomorrow without the constant stream of lovely photos and inspiration you've worked so hard to cultivate?!?!

Baby Quilt Photo Shoot
Favorite recent finish - "Bubbles" by Dana Boylard in Modern Baby
When Beth at Plum and June asked me a few weeks ago to host, I was so excited. For one thing, I was so flattered that she would think of asking me to host because I still consider myself a "new" blogger and not one that gets asked to participate in the more popular blogs' events. Also, I've been a huge fan of the Let's Get Acquainted link up since I started my blog. I see it as an opportunity to visit with some friends each week and have found some great new blogs through the link up. Also, people who participate are always so kind and generous with their comments, and any new/small blogs know that comments can be hard to come by. 

So a little bit about me for those stopping by for the first time. I'm a 30-something living in DC with my husband and work in health policy. When I'm not sewing I love to travel (that's me in Rome last year). I learned so sew from my mom growing up, but have been quilting for about two and a half years. What was a simple hobby turned quickly into a passion when blogs tuned me in to modern quilting and modern fabrics. I don't consider most of my quilts to be uber modern (perhaps modern traditional?); all I know is that I love pretty fabrics, and I love cutting them up and sewing them back together.

Blocks 11-15
City Sampler Blocks 11-15 
I was a little timid and slow to jump in to the social aspect of the online quilting community, but I did eventually start this blog and have participated in several Flickr swaps and it's all been wonderful. I don't know what I was waiting for!

A wonderful swap! I made the trivet and coasters for Melissa and received the awesome pillow from Ginny!

In addition, I'm a big sucker for quilt alongs and sew alongs, as evidenced by the pictures in this post - I'm working on the City Sampler which has an active sew along here and over the weekend made the Cafe Apron from Patchwork, Please! as part of the Zakka 2.0 Sew Along
Dessert Apron

I'm also lucky to have an excellent in-person sewing community in the DC area where I live and am a member of the DC Modern Quilt Guild (along with Beth!). We have sewing days every couple months and recently had a retreat at a local frat house!

Well, that's enough boring chat for this week. Let's get on to the good stuff! Here are the guidelines to participate in the link-up:

1. Link up and recent sewing/quilting post.
2. In your post, or somewhere on your blog, include a link or button letting people know about the link-up and how they can join in the fun!
3. Visit at least two blogs that link up before yours, and everyone who visits you.
4. When the linky tool asks for your name list your favorite summer treat (mine is strawberry shortcake).

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  1. Thanks for hosting this week! Love how your apron turned out...great job!

  2. Nice to meet you Heather! Did you love Rome? It was over 10 years ago that I went there with a friend and we had an awesome time. I loved all the touristy stuff - the coleseum and so on. Those were the days. Kids now, so travel is a trip tot he beach :-)

  3. Okay! I linked up, and will write a new post about the linkup too! Fun!

  4. So many great projects - I especially love the fishy quilt with bubbles - it's adorable but not too cutesy. Thanks for hosting!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing. Sounds to me like you are a very busy gal.

  6. thanks for hosting, and nice to meet you, heather! i've been wanting to do that bubbles quilt, too. your's turned out so cute.

    once again i forgot to read what i was supposed to put in the name box. my favorite summer treat right now is my AC! it's in the high 100+teens here currently so the AC is much appreciated. otherwise, all the summer fruits are my favorite. =)

  7. Haha....I failed the test too! Iced tea or iced coffee!!

  8. Nice to meet you Heather! Thanks for hosting, I love your Zakka makes :o)

  9. Hello! Nice to meet another DC quilter. I hope to make it to a DC Modern Quilt Guild meeting one of these days. I have the June meeting on my calendar!

  10. I love the fishy quilt and the cushion on the chair. Thanks for the oppurtunity to link up!


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