Friday, November 30, 2012

Dotted Whirligig Quilt

Happy Friday everyone! I'm here to share the third quilt I made for a local community fundraiser that I blogged about here and here.

Dotted Whirligig Quilt

Like my other quilts, I used charms for this one. A charm pack of Bella Solids in Snow and charms from a Polka Dot Charm Swap hosted by KnottedThread last year. 

This was really a fun and quick finish. I constructed the whirligig blocks using a method like this one.

I backed and bound it in more dots. 

I think this will be a great gender-neutral quilt and hope it will be a comfort to a family.

Dotted Whirligig Quilt Night Night PackageI have one more quilt to share - I saved the best for last!

Also, looking forward to my first Sew Mama Sew Give Away Day on Monday!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Project Night Night Quilt #2

This is the second post about a series of quilts I completed for a charity auction discussed in previous posts (most recently here). I'd "pinned" this quilt (a free Craftsy pattern) a while back and was just waiting for the right reason to make it. I'd even planned to use the charm pack of Indian Summer I'd bought as an impulse buy for the charm squares.

As I mentioned before, I chose charm-friendly patterns for these quilts to reduce the cutting. On this one, I still had to cut out all the brown, and I did it by camp lantern light during our power outage from Superstorm Sandy (I could actually sew then, but did a lot of cutting!). That may explain why I had a hard time getting points to match up on what is seemingly a fairly simple design.

I basted it using basting spray on my living room rug. Basting is really an issue for me, since I don't have a good, large space to do it. I don't want to muck up my dining room table, and the table in my sewing space is really just too narrow. That's the beauty of baby quilts, I guess. They're so small it's easy to baste without getting tucks and lumps.

The back and binding are yardage I had from Indian Summer, so the whole thing is very matchy-matchy. But also cute!

Here's the finished Night Night package, including a cute doll sent by my aunt and cousin and a book my mom sent. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

I-Spy Quilt

This week I'm posting about quilts I made for a charity auction posted about here and here. Since I had to make four quilts in a couple of weeks, I chose simple patterns, that were charm-pack friendly and fairly simple to piece.

The first quilt was an I-Spy Quilt inspired by Katie's tutorial. I actually used 4 inch squares, since they worked better with a few fabrics I was using, though when I remembered the I-Spy charm pack I'd won in a giveaway, I was a little upset about trimming down all those charms! Instead of six square blocks, as Katie used, I did a traditional nine patch and worked in some brightly colored solids in addition to the cute and whimsical prints.

I used neutral borders in my version to give a bit of a break from all the bright colors, and bound it with a neutral as well.

Here is the care package with the stuffed cow (such a cute alternative to teddy bear) and a book. I hope the family that receives this Project Night Night package has fun playing I-Spy with the quilt!

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Project Night Night Tree

In my last post, I mentioned an event I'd been part of called The Enchanted Forest, which is a fundraiser for the Junior League of Northern Virginia. At the heart of the fundraiser is a "forest" of theme-decorated trees available for silent auction. 

The Enchanted Forest
I decorated and donated two trees for this year's event, including a "Community Impact" tree, which had items to be donated to Project Night Night. People bid on the tree, and the winner had the items donated in his name.

Project Night Night Tree for The Enchanted Forest
If you're not familiar with Project Night Night, it's a non-profit with the goal of providing a "night night" package, including a stuffed animal, blanket, and book in a tote bag to children who are homeless. Often the children who are in family shelters have few possessions of their own, and have second-hand everything, so a "night night" package of new or handmade items just for them is a special treat and a real comfort. I've donated quilts to the main headquarters of Project Night Night before, but this tree was special because it included items donated from my entire family and the packages are going to a family homeless shelter in my local area.
One of five Project Night Night packages donated
My aunt even donated this quilt, which was a panel she did her first free motion quilting on! I think it looks incredible for a first (or 15th!) attempt, though I know she wouldn't like it if I showed the close up, so I won't. Best of all, it looked so cute with the stuffed elephant my cousin donated!

I'll be back over the next few days to share more of the quilts I made for this tree.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WIP Wednesday - The Enchanted Forest

Part of the reason I have been neglecting this poor blog is a fundraising event I was working on that happened over the weekend. The Enchanted Forest is a holiday festival that raises money for the Junior League of Northern Virginia's community programs, such as childhood nutrition and outreach to family homeless shelters. One of the ways they make money is through silent auction of theme decorated trees and I donated two trees this year that both involved quilting and a mad dash at the end to get everything done!

I didn't take as many photos throughout the process as I should have, but here is a taste. I'll be posting more about these projects in the coming weeks.

As you'll see, I have plenty on tap to keep my busy sewing this holiday weekend. Happy Thanksgiving, all!

In the Queue:
1. do Good Stitches Blocks for November - not started
2. We Bee Modern Too November Block - not started
3. 3x6 Blocks - not started
4. 2 Christmas Quilts - NOT STARTED!

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fresh Sewing Day

Wow, I can't believe I've been blogging for a month already! Here's a recap of the month of October, including bee blocks that I barely squeezed in at the end of the month:

From top left: Key Fob for Mouthy Stitches, Megan's Star block for We Bee Modern Too, 3x6 Bee Blocks, Mouthy Stitches Tote, Converging Corners Blocks for Empower Circle of do Good Stitches, Modern Block of the Month quilt, more 3x6 Bee Blocks, Little Girls quilt.

One of the most fun things about starting this blog is the chance to get to know other bloggers better. I find getting a few comments on my posts thrilling, and it encourages me to comment more on other's posts. For that reason, I'm linking up with with the Small Blog Meet for bloggers with fewer than 50 followers at Lily's Quilts.

Happy November!

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